Chiropractic in the Gym: Free eBook Download

ebook7_cover Most of us have been to see a chiropractor in our life and some of us visit a chiropractor regularly to make sure we’re getting the best out of our bodies. But have you ever wondered about the methodology behind chiropractic and the true nature of the work a chiropractor can administer to your athletic body?

Many famous athletes such as Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Usain Bolt and many others attribute their athletic success to chiropractic and have realized the value of incorporating frequent trips to the chiropractor.

So what exactly does a chiropractor do and how can a chiropractor help you have a better workout? Bend’s own Dr. Matt Tompkins, chiropractor and Max Fitness certified personal trainer, explains how he holistically approaches the body and helps athletes achieve peak performance and minimize the chance of injury through strenuous training and grueling and long seasonal schedules.

In this eBook you will learn

  • How chiropractic can increase your athletic efficiency.
  • How a chiropractor can decrease injury and recovery time.
  • How you can increase peak performance with various movements.
  • Various therapies a chiropractor will use to help you with your workouts at the gym.
  • The details of a chiropractic adjustment
  • and much more.

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