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Chiropractic Manipulation Therapy (CMT)

S7n0YhrplNNoJNyqvUjOECN_qzlGbxfKAvymMGKSNX4Chiropractic manipulation is the most used tool in chiropractic medicine and is effective at treating patients suffering from back pain and joint pain to treating Headaches and migraines. The technique most commonly used by Dr. Matt is the Diversified Technique, this for of chiropractic care is so called because it is a combination of the best techniques from other methods of chiropractic manipulation. This is a hands on technique involves a low amplitude thrust to adjust the spine and correct any joint dysfunction. This style of adjusting is gentle and safe and it continues to be the most used form of manipulation in the chiropractic field consisting solely of hand on manual adjusting – no tools or devices are used to perform the adjustment.

Dr. Matt also uses an impulse adjusting tool for CMT, this style of manipulation is sometimes preferred by the patient or after the examination may be decided that it will be more effective than the diversified technique. This technique uses a handheld tool that applies a single or multiple low amplitude thrust to the joint of focus.