Workout Basics: Free eBook Download

Everything You Need to Know Before, During and After Your Workout

ebook_cover2It’s time to hit the gym! But you know that once you get there it’s a complete mystery as to whether or not your are successful in all facets of your workout basics. The fact is that, unless you’re a certified trainer or you’ve thoroughly done your research, you should to get advice from a personal trainer to make sure that you’re headed in the right direction no matter what your fitness goals are.

Here is your personal advice coming straight to your from the personal trainers here at Max Fitness Bend. Three of our certified personal trainers (CPT), Mike Sundvall, Dr Matt Tompkins and Andre Guerra have answered 60 questions pertaining to what you should do to prepare for your workout, what you should do during your workout and what to make sure you take care of after your workout.

Mike Sundvall answers questions pertaining to pre-workout:

  • Should you workout if you’re sore?
  • Should you drink coffee before a workout?
  • Is it necessary to take a supplement(s)?
  • and more

Dr Matt Tompkins answers questions pertaining to body maintenance:

  • What role does stretching play on injury prevention?
  • What you should do if various body parts are hurting and you want to workout?
  • What you should do if you strained a muscle?
  • and more

Andre Guerra answers questions pertaining to during your workout:

  • If you’re looking to bulk up… what is the best weightlifting strategy?
  • Is it bad if you get sick during a workout?
  • How in the heck do you get those abs to show up?
  • and more

Download this eBook now and head over to free resources to download other eBooks and videos Dr Matt Tompkins contributed to HERE