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What our patients say

  • I sought out help after a week of immobility, interrupted sleep and pain! Matt was kind, compassionate and professional. After only two sessions and some tips for home I was back to 100%! Matt even checked in on me later to make sure I was holding up ok. I highly recommend him! Hard to beat service like that!

    Sam P.,

  • Dr Matt Tompkins leads the Healthcare Profession with his knowledge and patient care. He goes well beyond the care one has been accustomed to. Dr Matt takes a special interest in hearing you and understanding your pain and needs. He is also a Personal Training. He knows the human body inside and out. No where will you find a better Doctor to help you with your Chiropractic needs or a Personal Trainer that is at the tip top of all Personal Trainers. If you have ever had doubts about Chiropractic care, you will loose those fears when you meet Dr Matt. He is the best of the best!

    Bill. P,

  • Dr. Matt saved my Europe vacation! I throughout my back just 48 hours prior to the start of my vacation. Matt opened the office on his day off to see me as an emergency visit. With in hours I was feeling better and by the next morning he had me walking again. I can't thank him or recommend him enough!

    Kyle O.,

  • When I saw Dr Matt, I called and he worked me into his schedule last minute. He was on time, got right to the matter at hand and worked his magic! I have followed his suggestions and I feel the improvement is directly attributed to Matt's recommendations and treatment. I was very relieved to be listened to and treated like my concerns were valid. He is a true professional, I will definitely use Matt again. Like the rest of my family does!

    Laurie C.,

  • I found Dr. Tompkins to be a good and compassionate listener with solid, sound advice and treatment methods. He helped me a lot with lower back pain and I would strongly recommend him.

    Jean N,

  • Without a doubt, Dr Tompkins knows his stuff. He's an athlete, a total "nerd" (this is a good thing) when it comes to knowing the body, and most importantly he listens to his patients. I always feel heard and honestly he is the reason I'm able to push as hard as I can in the gym and at my job. If you need chiropractic care, you will not find better.

    Blaire R.,

  • Dr Tompkins cares about your wellbeing and health! He takes the time to listen to what your ailments are and any concerns you may have and then works with you to provide the right treatment for you and your body. He not only does adjustments, he informs you of how you can keep your body healthy and happy. He truly cares about your wellbeing! If you have ever had a bad experience with a chiropractor, give Dr Matt a try as he will work with any questions, concerns or fears you may have about the chiropractic practice!

    Tim B,

  • I have been an athlete all of my life; I have been treated by various physicians, physical therapists, acupuncture, massage therapists and chiropractors. As I sat in the waiting room I observed Dr. Tompkins in action. He is very compassionate, he seems to really care about his patients and he seems very genuine. I found him to be a great listener, communicator and feel he is one of the most thorough, knowledgeable and effective chiropractors I have ever been to. I left his office with immediate relief from neck pain. He explained the dynamics of my particular issue and put me on a care plan that is easy to adhere to. I highly recommend Dr. Tompkins and his staff for all of your musculoskeletal and sports injury needs.

    Wendy R,

  • Best chiropractic experience I've ever had. Matt is knowledgable, personable, articulate, and dextrous. I would recommend him to anyone with the slightest shoulder pain to painful spinal trauma

    John D.,

  • I sought Dr. Matthew Tompkin’s services due to a piriformas issue that has been ongoing for a few years. I was elated that Dr. Tompkins took the time to get to know me, to find out what treatments I had tried in the past, and proceeded to treat me with some techniques that I had not experienced before. Result? I was so much better! I was able to sleep the night through, which previously was an issue for me. Additionally, Dr. Tompkins took the time to give me some stretching exercises so that I wouldn’t have to come back to him repeatedly. Thank you, Dr. Tompkins! I would recommend you to anyone!

    Wendy Duncan,