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Dr. Matt’s philosophy is 100% about getting to the source of a problem and catching potential causes of a problem before they escalate. Whether it be due to work or sport most people develop muscular and functional imbalances that are cause by weak or over active muscles in the body and repetitive bad posture. We offer postural analysis and movement screening as an optional addition to every patients initial exam to find specific areas of imbalance.

Postural Screening:

2 digital pictures are taken of the patient (a front view and a side view) and with those pictures a software program is used to do the postural analysis. This analysis provides a wealth of information that will point to the cause of the patients pain or point a potential risk factor that if addressed can prevent pain or injury down the road.

Active Motion Screening:

the patient is taken through a series of movements that are scored on performance. This score will allow us to pinpoint functional imbalances that can allow Dr. Matt to predict injury and performance. This will also give us clues as to the source of pain or the underlying cause of certain pathologies.